How to offset, scale, rotate a material in Houdini

For some reason this was an hour long ordeal to figure out to do this, mostly due to my inexperience with 3d software but also because I think the material node could be more powerful to make this easier.

After you add material to some part of your model, sometimes the texture is just too small/big or you would like it offset or rotated.

To do this you need to manipulate the texture coordinates that are attached to the area you are texturing.

Add a ‘uv texture’ node. This will add some uv vertex attributes to your model. Materials work out of the box without UVs, but adding them manually allows you to manipulate things like scale/offset/angle.

It would have been super nice if the material node itself had an option to transform uv coordinates that it receives. Allowing this would make it possible to scale/rotate/offset the default input uvs without having to drop in a UV node myself and make it easier to create things. Perhaps later I will find out a good counter argument for not having this feature, but right now it feels like a painpoint.

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